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Updated NEWS

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NEW in 0.9.16 - 2010-08-12
The changes are:
* Require Vala 0.9.4 (to build from git repository only)
* NEW Feature: tracker-extract: Added a GUPnP DLNA extractor
* NEW Feature: libtracker-sparql: Client library for direct/dbus access
* Fixes: NB#184823, Unsupported ontology change prevent tracker for booting
* Fixes: NB#177663, Tracker does not harvest ID3v2 tags
* Fixes: NB#181421, Duplicates when monitor events processed before directory is created in store
* libtracker-common: New environment variable TRACKER_VERBOSITY to override config
* libtracker-data: Fixed support for IN, NOT IN with <resources>
* libtracker-miner: If parent GFile being processed, serialise by waiting
* libtracker-miner: Print URIs not paths for CREATE monitor event debugging
* Updated zh_CN: Aron Xu
* Updated nds: Nils-Christoph Fiedler
The database version has been incremented, this will force a
reindex for any existing Tracker installation.
NEW in 0.9.15 - 2010-08-05
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