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    Update functional tests for Tracker 3.0 changes · 9527c052
    Sam Thursfield authored
    This commit updates the functional tests in line with the
    Tracker 3.0 architectural changes.
    These tests used to spawn a private tracker-store daemon and communicate
    over D-Bus. Most of the tests now create a local database in-process and
    run tests against that, using the PyGObject bindings to drive
    libtracker-sparql. It's good to test our Python bindings in this way.
    Some tests also test connecting to a database over D-Bus. The 'fixtures'
    module makes it easy to do either of these things.
    The 08-unique-insertions test is gone, it claimed that "we can't test
    tracker-miner-fs itself", but we can.
    The 14-signals test is now a test of the TrackerNotifier API.
    The 15-statistics test is removed as the API that it tests is gone.
    Numbers were removed from the filenames of all tests.
    It's debatable if the name "functional tests" really applies here any
    more, perhaps a bigger distinction from the "unit tests" which also run
    against libtracker-sparql is that these are written using Python and
    PyGObject instead of C. In tracker-miners.git we will still be testing
    multiple processes so the name will still make sense there.