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build: Fix "4-digit year modifier" test

Sergei Trofimovich requested to merge trofi/tracker:gcc-14-fix into master

Upcoming gcc-14 enabled a few warnings into errors, like -Wincompatible-pointer-types. This caused tracker configure to fail as:

$ ../meson
Checking if "strftime 4-digit year modifier" runs: DID NOT COMPILE

../ ERROR: Problem encountered: Libc implementation has broken 4-digit years implementation.

This happens because char buffer had an unusual type:

testfile.c: In function 'main':
testfile.c:16:17: error: passing argument 1 of 'strftime' from incompatible pointer type
   16 |       strftime (&buf, sizeof buf, modifiers[i], &tm);
      |                 ^~~~
      |                 |
      |                 char * (*)[100]

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