1. 04 Apr, 2020 16 commits
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      Merge branch 'wip/carlosg/ttl-parser' into 'master' · 44ffa944
      Sam Thursfield authored
      Rewrite TTL parser
      See merge request !201
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      libtracker-data: Drop old parser code · b73a08a0
      Carlos Garnacho authored
      This is (at last!) no longer used anywhere.
    • Carlos Garnacho's avatar
      libtracker-data: Rewrite TrackerTurtleReader to reuse parser grammar · eec2b522
      Carlos Garnacho authored
      Instead of tapping on the old TrackerSparqlScanner, use the grammar
      definitions from the new parser. Also rewrite it in C.
      This allows us to drop a whole bunch of the older parser code, which
      only stood there to parse TTL files efficiently. The new SPARQL parser
      code is designed to generate an intermediate expression tree, which is
      great to increase liberty at the time of interpreting it, but not so great
      at the time of deserializing randomly sized blobs of TTL data.
      Even though this new TTL parser doesn't 100% use the infrastructure of
      the new SPARQL parser, it taps on it for the essentials (parsing the
      subject/predicate/object terminals), and also allows incremental TTL
      loading without memory peaks. The advantages of the old TTL parser
      (and the only reason why it stuck) are now moot.
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