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    • Marius Gedminas's avatar
      Fix buffer overrun in libunistring builds · 7a5af2ec
      Marius Gedminas authored and Carlos Garnacho's avatar Carlos Garnacho committed
      libunistring uses UTF-8 strings without a trailing NUL byte.  We're
      passing such strings to tracker_parser_unaccent_nfkd_string() from
      function_sparql_unaccent() in the sqlite interface.  If the string has
      no accented characters, writing a NUL byte at the end will step out of
      bounds.  This causes memory corruption and crashes.
      The other caller of tracker_parser_unaccent_nfkd_string() is
      process_word_utf8(), and it looks like it wants a trailing NUL, so let's
      add it there.
      There are no more callers of the libunistring version of
      (For extra confusion, the libicu version of
      tracker_parser_unaccent_nfkd_string() deals with U+0000-terminated
      UTF-16 strings.)
      Should fix https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=746195
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    • Debarshi Ray's avatar
      libtracker-miner: Restrict the amount of data that is logged for errors · f0e29525
      Debarshi Ray authored
      SPARQL update strings can be very long if the entire text of a document
      is being stored. Dumping these huge strings to the log eats up disk
      space and makes them harder to follow.
      However, often, the occurence of such an error indicates a broken
      extractor. In those cases, knowing part of the SPARQL can help in
      identifying the file that triggered the error.
      Usually the "nie:plainTextContent" property is the last one in the
      string, so we truncate the error messages at the first occurance of
      this property to achieve the best of both worlds.
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    • Sam Thursfield's avatar
      tracker-writeback: Remove broken code to set file attributes · 7e886312
      Sam Thursfield authored
      Remove some code which tries to set attributes of a file which no
      longer exists.
      This code was added in the following commit:
          commit 16fe51de
          Author: Philip Van Hoof <philip@codeminded.be>
          Date:   Wed Nov 9 12:56:59 2011 +0100
              tracker-writeback: Preserve file permissions
              Fixes NB#289953.
      Seems that the intent was to preserve the permission bits of the
      file after tracker-writeback rewrites it. The code already takes
      care of this at the time the temporary file is created.
    • Martyn Russell's avatar
      libtracker-miner: _NO_STAT breaks in FileNotifier without a GFileInfo · 63cc513f
      Martyn Russell authored
      GFileInfo is ABSOLUTELY required in the Crawler, without it the
      TrackerFileNotifier will that top level roots have been deleted because the
      GFileInfo GQuark does not exist.
      This is seen easily by mounting a removable device, indexing, then removing,
      then re-inserting that same device.
      The check is done later in the TrackerFileNotifier by looking up the qdata
      that we set in both conditions below.
    • Martyn Russell's avatar
      libtracker-miner: Handle multiple nfo:belongsToContainer properties to 1 nie:url · f6ca44fd
      Martyn Russell authored
      Previously we've expected this to be a 1:1 relationship, but it's not always
      the case with data containers
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