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README: Turn links into hyperlinks.

The Roadmap link is removed as it's not up to date. The Issue Tracker link
is removed because it's part of the project.  The other
links are reordered with website first and communication channels last.
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......@@ -24,31 +24,21 @@ An EU-funded project called Nepomuk was started to define some of
the core ontologies to be modeled on the Desktop. Tracker uses this
to define the data's relationships in a database.
All discussion related to tracker happens on the Tracker
mailing list
More information on Tracker can be found at:
* <>
IRC channel #tracker on:
Bugs and feature requests should be filed at:
Source code and issue tracking:
More infomation on Tracker can be found at:
* <>
All discussion related to Tracker happens on:
Repository can be found at:
* <>
The official RoadMap (aka TODO) can be found at:
IRC channel #tracker on:
* [](irc://
## Use Cases
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