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This talks about how to enable different kinds of logging output from
the functional tests, now that the previous commit has introduced some
sanity into the logging.

Attaching debugger is also discussed.
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# Logging
The following environment variables control logging from Tracker daemons:
* `TRACKER_VERBOSITY`: takes a value of 1, 2 or 3 and causes increasing
amounts of log output from Tracker code to be written to stdout.
* `G_MESSAGES_DEBUG`: controls log output from GLib-based libraries that
are used in the Tracker process. Use `G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=all` for maximal
log output.
Internally, Tracker will set `G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=Tracker` if `TRACKER_VERBOSITY`
is set and `G_MESSAGES_DEBUG` is not set, to enable printing of its own log
messages to stdout.
You can set these variables when using `tracker-sandbox`, and when running the
Tracker test suite. Note that Meson will not print log output from tests by
default, use `meson test --verbose` or `meson test --print-errorlogs` to
The functional tests understand an additional variable, `TRACKER_TESTS_VERBOSE`
with can be set to `1` or `yes` to see detailed logging from the test harness
itself, and full log output from the internal D-Bus daemon. By default, these
tests filter output from the D-Bus daemon to only show log messages from
Tracker processes. Anything written directly to stdout, for example by
`g_print()` or by the dbus-daemon itself, will not be displayed unless
# Attaching a debugger to Tracker daemons
Tracker daemons are not started directly. Instead they are started by the D-Bus
daemon by request. When using tracker-sandbox or the functional-tests, it's
difficult to start the daemon manually under `gdb`.
Instead, we recommend adding a 10 second timeout at the top of the daemon's
main() function. In Vala code, try this:
print("Pausing to attach debugger. Run: gdb attach %i\n", Posix.getpid());
Posix.usleep(10 * 1000 * 1000);
print("Waking up again\n");
Run the test, using the `meson build --timeout-multiplier=10000`
option to avoid your process being killed by the test runner. When you see
the 'Pausing' message, run the `gdb attach``command in another terminal within
10 seconds.
# Running Tracker daemons under Valgrind
The Tracker daemons are launched using D-Bus autolaunch. When running them from
the source tree using tracker-sandbox or the functional tests, the commandline
is controlled by the D-Bus files stored in `./tests/services`. Just
change the `Exec=` line to add Valgrind, like this:
Exec=/usr/bin/valgrind @abs_top_builddir@/src/tracker-store/tracker-store
By default the tracker-sandbox utility and the functional-tests will only
show output from Tracker code. For the functional-tests, set
TRACKER_TESTS_VERBOSE=1 to see output from Valgrind. For tracker-sandbox use
the `--debug-dbus` option.
......@@ -131,4 +131,4 @@ interactive shell inside the sandbox. From here you can use debugging tools
such as GDB.
For more information about developing Tracker, look at and
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