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website/overview: Add some more projects that use Tracker

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......@@ -59,7 +59,9 @@ The following GNOME applications use Tracker:
* [GNOME Files]( (uses Tracker Miner FS for full-text search within files)
* [GNOME Games]( (uses Tracker Miner FS to find games)
* [GNOME Music]( (uses Tracker Miner FS to find music and store playlist data)
* [GNOME Notes]( (uses Tracker SPARQL to store notes)
* [GNOME Photos]( (uses Tracker Miner FS to find photos and Tracker SPARQL to store album data)
* [GNOME Usage]( (uses Tracker Miner FS to measure disk usage)
* [GNOME Videos]( (uses Tracker Miner FS to find video content)
Although Tracker is able to store contacts and calendar entries,
......@@ -78,6 +80,11 @@ for this.
fetching media content from many different sources. It uses Tracker Miner FS to
browse and search local media content.
[Netatalk]( is an [Apple Filing
Protocol]( media server.
It [uses Tracker Miner FS](
to search through server content.
[Rygel]( is a home media solution that serves
content over UPnP. It uses Tracker Miner FS to find your media files.
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