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Make these explicit to make future design discussions easier.
Goals can of course be changed in future as the project evolves.
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extends Tracker to allow searching and indexing some kinds of online
# Developing Tracker
## Goals and Non-goals
Here's a summary of the goals and non-goals of the Tracker project.
1. Provide real-time searching and browsing of desktop content.
2. Provide searchable data storage for desktop apps.
3. Allow full-text search within common document types.
4. Allow advanced queries using a standard query language.
5. Be secure and private by default.
6. Be efficient enough for desktop and mobile use.
7. Be maintainable by a small team.
These are some things we currently don't want to do in Tracker itself.
* Depend on features of a specific filesystem. Tracker should work on
all commonly used filesystems.
* Index source code. There are plenty of IDEs and source-code indexing tools already.
* Index user data in network / cloud services. This is out of scope for the core of
Tracker but can be done by third party projects -- see
[Gnome Online Miners](
* Index data on the Web.
* Provide our own GUI components. Tracker is a middleware component, not an end user
## Developing Tracker
If you want to help develop and improve Tracker, great! Remember that Tracker
is a middleware component, designed to be integrated into larger codebases. To
......@@ -52,7 +76,7 @@ Component]( workflow.
It's also possible to build Tracker on its own and install it inside your home
directory for testing purposes. Read on for instructions on how to do this.
## Compilation
### Compilation
Tracker uses the [Meson build system](, which you must
have installed in order to build Tracker.
......@@ -81,13 +105,13 @@ new, isolated prefix named `opt/tracker` inside your home folder.
cd build
ninja install
## Running the testsuite
### Running the testsuite
At this point you can run the Tracker test suite from the `build` directory:
meson test --print-errorlogs
## Using the run-uninstalled script
### Using the run-uninstalled script
Tracker normally runs automatically, indexing content in the background so that
search results are available quickly when needed.
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