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      functional-tests: Fix more issues in awaiting for property changes · df0fa863
      Sam Thursfield authored
      We actually get a GraphUpdated signal per RDF class, and we need to
      filter out those we don't care about.
      This was breaking tests in some cases as they would get double
      notifications and get ahead of themselves. For example the
      410-extractor-decorator test would wait for changes to nie:title on
      an nmm:MusicPiece resource. But music files also have class nfo:Audio
      and so there would be two GraphUpdated signals for each change, one
      for the nmm:MusicPiece class and one for the nfo:Audio class.
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      functional-tests: Remove all remaining 'wait for miner to be idle' calls · 3c83acdd
      Sam Thursfield authored
      We are running against a clean data directory when run by 'test-runner.sh', so
      the miner should not have any initial crawling work to do. Therefore the tests
      don't need to wait for it to be idle before starting.
      Test cases should use the await_resource_inserted() and
      await_resource_deleted() methods as these are (in theory) reliable. Waiting for
      the miner to go idle and hoping this means that the desired file was crawled
      and extracted is not reliable at all.
      This should hopefully make the tests robust enough to be run continuously
      without random failures occuring.
      The tracker_miner_fs_wait_for_idle() functions are gone forever!
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      functional-tests: Await resource addition / removal properly in 300, 310, 600 · a27e0148
      Sam Thursfield authored
      The tracker_miner_fs_wait_for_idle() function is not a good way to
      detect when something has changed. We should always be listening
      to GraphUpdated instead.
      Thanks to Martin Kampas who did some of this already in commit
  11. 25 Aug, 2011 2 commits
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      functional-tests: Make quiet by default · b8543f31
      Sam Thursfield authored
      Add -v / --verbose option, which enables output of the helper status
      messages and also stdin/stderr of the tracker processes being tested.
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      functional-tests: Run all tests with a fake $HOME sandbox · 87827c18
      Sam Thursfield authored
      Prefer storing test data in /tmp to avoid leaving cruft around the
      home directory.
      For tests that rely on filesystem monitoring, we must use the real
      home directory anyway because FS miner currently ignores paths under
      If /tmp is too small/unsuitable for test data, the preferred method
      for using a different location is to set TMPDIR.
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