Commit fd0eb3cd authored by Sam Thursfield's avatar Sam Thursfield

build: Fix breakage when libcue isn't found

Commit 6e281037 introduced a regression on systems where libcue
is not available.

Fixes #33
parent 3c871c8f
Pipeline #34445 passed with stage
in 7 minutes and 7 seconds
......@@ -314,7 +314,7 @@ conf.set('GSTREAMER_BACKEND_DISCOVERER', gstreamer_backend_name == 'Discoverer')
conf.set('GSTREAMER_BACKEND_GUPNP_DLNA', gstreamer_backend_name == 'GUPnP-DLNA')
conf.set('HAVE_HAL', battery_detection_library_name == 'hal')
conf.set('HAVE_LIBCUE', libcue.found())
conf.set('HAVE_LIBCUE2', libcue.version().version_compare('>= 2.0.0'))
conf.set('HAVE_LIBCUE2', libcue.found() and libcue.version().version_compare('>= 2.0.0'))
conf.set('HAVE_LIBICU_CHARSET_DETECTION', charset_library_name == 'icu')
conf.set('HAVE_LIBEXIF', libexif.found())
conf.set('HAVE_LIBIPTCDATA', libiptcdata.found())
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