Commit cacb5b8c authored by Sam Thursfield's avatar Sam Thursfield

functional-tests: Fix invalid await_resource_deletion() call

The nie:InformationElement doesn't have tracker:notify set, so we'll
never get a notification. We can expect that it's gone once the
corresponding nfo:Document resource is gone.

The 301-miner-resource-deletion test now passes.
parent fa7b101a
......@@ -77,12 +77,12 @@ class MinerResourceRemovalTest (CommonTrackerMinerTest):
os.unlink (self.path ("test-monitored/test_1.txt"))
self.tracker.await_resource_deleted (NFO_DOCUMENT, file_1_id)
self.tracker.await_resource_deleted (NFO_DOCUMENT, ie_1_id,
"Associated logical resource failed to be deleted " \
"when its containing file was removed.")
self.assertResourceMissing (file_1_urn)
# Ensure the logical resource is deleted when the relevant file is
# removed.
self.assertResourceMissing (ie_1_urn)
self.assertResourceExists (file_2_urn)
self.assertResourceExists (ie_2_urn)
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