Commit b84829bb authored by Sam Thursfield's avatar Sam Thursfield

functional-tests/ Remove test that makes no sense

This test expects content from multiple files, but the files aren't
created anywhere so it unsurpringly fails.
parent 093b93bc
......@@ -73,43 +73,30 @@ class MinerFTSBasicTest (CommonTrackerMinerFTSTest):
results = self.search_word ("trikc")
self.assertEquals (len (results), 0)
def test_05_word_in_multiple_files (self):
# Safeguard, in the case we modify the DEFAULT_TEXT later...
assert "content" in DEFAULT_TEXT
self.set_text (DEFAULT_TEXT)
results = self.search_word ("content")
self.assertEquals (len (results), 4)
self.assertIn ( uri (self.testfile), results)
self.assertIn ( uri ("test-monitored/file1.txt"), results)
self.assertIn ( uri ("test-monitored/dir1/file2.txt"), results)
self.assertIn ( uri ("test-monitored/dir1/dir2/file3.txt"), results)
def test_06_word_multiple_times_in_file (self):
def test_05_word_multiple_times_in_file (self):
TEXT = "automobile is red. automobile is big. automobile is great!"
self.basic_test (TEXT, "automobile")
def test_07_sentence (self):
def test_06_sentence (self):
TEXT = "plastic is fantastic"
self.basic_test (TEXT, TEXT)
def test_08_partial_sentence (self):
def test_07_partial_sentence (self):
TEXT = "plastic is fantastic"
self.basic_test (TEXT, "is fantastic")
def test_09_strange_word (self):
def test_08_strange_word (self):
# FIXME Not sure what are we testing here
TEXT = "'summer.time'"
self.basic_test (TEXT, "summer.time")
# Skip the test 'search for .'
def test_10_mixed_letters_and_numbers (self):
def test_09_mixed_letters_and_numbers (self):
TEXT = "abc123"
self.basic_test (TEXT, "abc123")
def test_11_ignore_numbers (self):
def test_10_ignore_numbers (self):
TEXT = "palabra 123123"
self.set_text (TEXT)
results = self.search_word ("123123")
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