Commit b83638bf authored by Sam Thursfield's avatar Sam Thursfield

functional-tests: Add a way to track MinerFS status changes

This re-introduces a feature that I previously removed, as it turns out
the 601-applications-sync test requires this feature. In general, tests
that trigger miner-fs operations should continue to use
await_resource_inserted() and await_resource_deleted(). For cases where
we expect the miner to wake up but to not make any database changes
(because they have already been made) it's now possible to use the new
MinerFsHelper.await_wakeup_count() function.
parent a355f131
......@@ -572,6 +572,10 @@ class StoreHelper (Helper):
raise Exception ("Something fishy is going on")
class WakeupCycleTimeoutException(RuntimeError):
class MinerFsHelper (Helper):
PROCESS_NAME = 'tracker-miner-fs'
......@@ -580,6 +584,13 @@ class MinerFsHelper (Helper):
FLAGS = ['--initial-sleep=0']
def __init__ (self):
self._progress_handler_id = 0
self._wakeup_count = 0
self._previous_status = None
self._target_wakeup_count = None
def start (self):
Helper.start (self)
......@@ -590,9 +601,68 @@ class MinerFsHelper (Helper):
self.bus, Gio.DBusProxyFlags.DO_NOT_AUTO_START, None,
def signal_handler(proxy, sender_name, signal_name, parameters):
if signal_name == 'Progress':
self._progress_handler_id = self.miner_fs.connect('g-signal', signal_handler)
def stop (self):
Helper.stop (self)
if self._progress_handler_id != 0:
def _progress_cb (self, status, progress, remaining_time):
if self._previous_status is None:
self._previous_status = status
if self._previous_status != 'Idle' and status == 'Idle':
self._wakeup_count += 1
if self._target_wakeup_count is not None and self._wakeup_count >= self._target_wakeup_count:
def wakeup_count(self):
"""Return the number of wakeup-to-idle cycles the miner-fs completed."""
return self._wakeup_count
def await_wakeup_count (self, target_wakeup_count, timeout=REASONABLE_TIMEOUT):
"""Block until the miner has completed N wakeup-and-idle cycles.
This function is for use by miner-fs tests that should trigger an
operation in the miner, but which do not cause a new resource to be
inserted. These tests can instead wait for the status to change from
Idle to Processing... and then back to Idle.
The miner may change its status any number of times, but you can use
this function reliably as follows:
wakeup_count = miner_fs.wakeup_count()
# Trigger a miner-fs operation somehow ...
miner_fs.await_wakeup_count(wakeup_count + 1)
# The miner has probably finished processing the operation now.
If the timeout is reached before enough wakeup cycles complete, an
exception will be raised.
assert self._target_wakeup_count is None
if self._wakeup_count >= target_wakeup_count:
log ("miner-fs wakeup count is at %s (target is %s). No need to wait" % (self._wakeup_count, target_wakeup_count))
def _timeout_cb ():
raise WakeupCycleTimeoutException()
timeout_id = GLib.timeout_add_seconds (timeout, _timeout_cb)
log ("Waiting for miner-fs wakeup count of %s (currently %s)" % (target_wakeup_count, self._wakeup_count))
self._target_wakeup_count = target_wakeup_count
self._target_wakeup_count = None
def index_file (self, uri):
return self.index.IndexFile('(s)', uri)
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