Commit a29bff17 authored by Martin Kampas's avatar Martin Kampas Committed by Martyn Russell

functional-tests: Start/stop processes in correct order, miner after extract

The process tracker-miner-fs causes the process tracker-store be started
automatically via the D-Bus service autostart mechanism. As the test case
needs to start and control the processes itself, it is necessary to start them
in order of their dependencies, so the D-Bus autostart does not happen.
parent 02ee5a86
......@@ -69,8 +69,6 @@ class MinerResourceRemovalTest (ut.TestCase):
self.system.set_up_environment (CONF_OPTIONS, None) = StoreHelper () ()
self.miner_fs = MinerFsHelper ()
self.miner_fs.start ()
# GraphUpdated seems to not be emitted if the extractor isn't running
# even though the file resource still gets inserted - maybe because
......@@ -78,11 +76,14 @@ class MinerResourceRemovalTest (ut.TestCase):
self.extractor = ExtractorHelper ()
self.extractor.start ()
self.miner_fs = MinerFsHelper ()
self.miner_fs.start ()
def tearDownClass (self): (self.graph_updated_handler_id)
self.extractor.stop ()
self.miner_fs.stop ()
self.extractor.stop () ()
def setUp (self):
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