Commit 4070ea3f authored by Aleksander Morgado's avatar Aleksander Morgado

libtracker-common: if testing old .cfg files, ensure one is always available

Create the .cfg file when we detect that it doesn't exist.
parent d9b6ef24
......@@ -582,6 +582,14 @@ tracker_config_file_migrate (TrackerConfigFile *file,
if (g_getenv ("TRACKER_USE_CONFIG_FILES")) {
UnappliedNotifyData *data;
/* Ensure we have the config file in place */
if (!file->file_exists) {
migrate_settings_to_keyfile (entries,
tracker_config_file_save (file);
/* Keep the file around, and connect to notify::has-unapplied so
* we write back to it when g_settings_apply() is called
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