Commit 3e172ed2 authored by Sam Thursfield's avatar Sam Thursfield

Ignore some more files that can appear in the applications directory

Since commit d13fd8b2 we have been mining .desktop files
from the XDG application directories such as /usr/share/applications. In
order for this to work as expected, we need the FS miner to ignore other
files that it finds there. This commit adds 2 files that appear on my
Fedora system to the ignored-files list.

If there are files in these directores that aren't expected to be there,
it breaks the functional-tests. The 300-miner-basic-ops test creates 3
text files and asserts that these and only these were found by the
miner-fs. If extra stuff from XDG applications dirs turns up in the list
of text files, the test fails.
parent 85a91560
......@@ -144,7 +144,7 @@ Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.
<key name="ignored-files" type="as">
<summary>Ignored files</summary>
<description>List of file patterns to avoid</description>
<default>[ '*~', '*.o', '*.la', '*.lo' , '*.loT', '*.in', '*.csproj', '*.m4', '*.rej', '*.gmo', '*.orig', '*.pc', '*.omf', '*.aux', '*.tmp', '*.vmdk', '*.vm*', '*.nvram', '*.part', '*.rcore', '*.lzo', 'autom4te', 'conftest', 'confstat', 'Makefile', 'SCCS', '', 'libtool', 'config.status', 'confdefs.h', 'configure', '#*#', '~$*.doc?', '~$*.dot?', '~$*.xls?', '~$*.xlt?', '~$*.xlam', '~$*.ppt?', '~$*.pot?', '~$*.ppam', '~$*.ppsm', '~$*.ppsx', '~$*.vsd?', '~$*.vss?', '~$*.vst?', 'mimeapps.list', 'mimeinfo.cache', '*.directory' ]</default>
<default>[ '*~', '*.o', '*.la', '*.lo' , '*.loT', '*.in', '*.csproj', '*.m4', '*.rej', '*.gmo', '*.orig', '*.pc', '*.omf', '*.aux', '*.tmp', '*.vmdk', '*.vm*', '*.nvram', '*.part', '*.rcore', '*.lzo', 'autom4te', 'conftest', 'confstat', 'Makefile', 'SCCS', '', 'libtool', 'config.status', 'confdefs.h', 'configure', '#*#', '~$*.doc?', '~$*.dot?', '~$*.xls?', '~$*.xlt?', '~$*.xlam', '~$*.ppt?', '~$*.pot?', '~$*.ppam', '~$*.ppsm', '~$*.ppsx', '~$*.vsd?', '~$*.vss?', '~$*.vst?', 'mimeapps.list', 'mimeinfo.cache', 'gnome-mimeapps.list', 'kde-mimeapps.list', '*.directory' ]</default>
<key name="ignored-directories" type="as">
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