Commit 1ddee4b2 authored by Sam Thursfield's avatar Sam Thursfield

functional-tests: Clean unused code from TrackerSystemAbstraction

parent 690523f4
......@@ -34,12 +34,10 @@ class CommonTrackerStoreTest (ut.TestCase):
def setUpClass (self):
#print "Starting the daemon in test mode"
self.system = TrackerSystemAbstraction ()
self.system.tracker_store_testing_start ()
self.tracker =
def tearDownClass (self):
#print "Stopping the daemon in test mode (Doing nothing now)"
self.system.tracker_store_testing_stop ()
self.system.finish ()
......@@ -92,12 +92,6 @@ class TrackerSystemAbstraction (object):
def tracker_store_start (self): ()
def tracker_store_stop_nicely (self): ()
def tracker_store_stop_brutally (self): ()
def tracker_store_restart_with_new_ontologies (self, ontodir): ()
if ontodir:
......@@ -135,14 +129,6 @@ class TrackerSystemAbstraction (object):
shutil.rmtree (db_location)
os.mkdir (db_location)
def tracker_store_testing_stop (self):
Stops a running tracker-store
assert ()
def tracker_miner_fs_testing_start (self, confdir=None):
Stops any previous instance of the store and miner, calls set_up_environment,
......@@ -160,33 +146,16 @@ class TrackerSystemAbstraction (object):
self.miner_fs = helpers.MinerFsHelper ()
self.miner_fs.start ()
def tracker_miner_fs_testing_stop (self):
Stops the extractor, miner-fs and store running
self.extractor.stop ()
self.miner_fs.stop () ()
def tracker_writeback_testing_start (self, confdir=None):
# Start the miner-fs (and store) and then the writeback process
self.tracker_miner_fs_testing_start (confdir)
self.writeback = helpers.WritebackHelper ()
self.writeback.start ()
def tracker_writeback_testing_stop (self):
# Tracker write must have been started before
self.writeback.stop ()
self.tracker_miner_fs_testing_stop ()
def tracker_all_testing_start (self, confdir=None):
# This will start all miner-fs, store and writeback
self.tracker_writeback_testing_start (confdir)
def tracker_all_testing_stop (self):
# This will stop all miner-fs, store and writeback
self.tracker_writeback_testing_stop ()
def finish (self):
Stop all running processes and remove all test data.
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