Commit 093b93bc authored by Sam Thursfield's avatar Sam Thursfield

functional-tests: Reduce graphupdated-delay during miner tests

The Tracker Store notifies all of its clients about changes in the
store using the GraphUpdated signal. This can contain a lot of data
and so to avoid flooding the D-Bus connection it is rate limited to
one per 1000ms.

The miner tests spend a lot of time waiting for updates to happen,
so this 1000ms timeout causes a big slowdown. Reducing it to 100ms
causes the test to run in 30 seconds on my machine
where previously it took 50 seconds.
parent 454d0933
......@@ -99,7 +99,13 @@ class CommonTrackerMinerTest (ut.TestCase):
self.system = TrackerSystemAbstraction ()
self.system = TrackerSystemAbstraction (
'org.freedesktop.Tracker.Store': {
'graphupdated-delay': GLib.Variant('i', 100)
self.system.tracker_miner_fs_testing_start (CONF_OPTIONS)
self.tracker =
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