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    meson: Fix warnings from extractor during functional-tests · a86d55c6
    Sam Thursfield authored
    In order to run tracker-extract without installing it, we set the
    TRACKER_EXTRACT_RULES_DIR path to point to the src/tracker-extract
    This is problematic because that directory contains lots of stuff
    that isn't .rule files and also contains .rule files for extractors
    which might not be enabled. The result being pointless warnings
    during the tests like this:
        ** (tracker-extract:29193): WARNING **: 16:18:11.703: Could not load module '/home/sam/src/tracker-miners/build/tests/functional-tests/../../src/tracker-extract/libextract-libav.so': /home/sam/src/tracker-miners/build/tests/functional-tests/../../src/tracker-extract/libextract-libav.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
    Using Meson it's fairly straightforward to create a separate
    directory in the build tree to contain these files, which fixes
    the warnings.
    The same thing could be implemented for Autotools, but it doesn't
    affect the actual functionality of the tests so I haven't spent time
    on it myself.
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