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    functional-tests: Don't require miner-fs being idle for testing data inserted · 98781aa0
    Martin Kampas authored
    In many test cases the tracker_miner_fs_wait_for_idle() call is used to detect
    miner operation has completed. It returns when miner's status changes to
    "Idle" (or on timeout). Unfortunately at the time miner goes idle it is not
    guaranteed the data are already in store - and the related test fails.
    The test case 301-miner-resource-removal.py does it a better way - it listens
    to GraphUpdated signal sent by store and waits until the desired resource is
    announced being added or removed.
    There is comment inside 301-miner-resource-removal.py: "FIXME: put this stuff
    in StoreHelper". This patch is to follow that comment.
    Needed by tracker-tests-310-fts-indexing-use-graph-updated-signal.patch.
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