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    Remove Maemo/Meego leftovers · 809b5676
    Sam Thursfield authored
    This removes various code paths that we believe to be unused.
      * The userguides miner has been removed altogether.
      * The application miner no longer parses MeeGo-style .desktop files
      * The TRACKER_DISABLE_MEEGOTOUCH_LOCALE environment flag is gone
        (it already did nothing)
      * Character set detection with libmeegotouch is removed, only enca
        or libicu are supported
      * Meego-specific flags are gone from .desktop files
      * Functional tests have lost their vestigal Scratchbox and Aegis support
    There are 5 ontologies referencing Maemo, 4 of which are largely unused.
    These have been kept around in case anyone is using them outside
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