Commit ac2f9051 authored by Carlos Garnacho's avatar Carlos Garnacho

libtracker-miner: Avoid checking parent when checking contents

We check the parent folder (multiple times actually) before filtering
based on directory contents. Just avoid this here.
parent bf5be2ec
...@@ -929,12 +929,6 @@ tracker_indexing_tree_parent_is_indexable (TrackerIndexingTree *tree, ...@@ -929,12 +929,6 @@ tracker_indexing_tree_parent_is_indexable (TrackerIndexingTree *tree,
priv = tree->priv; priv = tree->priv;
if (!tracker_indexing_tree_file_is_indexable (tree,
return FALSE;
while (children && !has_match) { while (children && !has_match) {
has_match = tracker_indexing_tree_file_matches_filter (tree, has_match = tracker_indexing_tree_file_matches_filter (tree,
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