Commit 8e581a2b authored by Carlos Garnacho's avatar Carlos Garnacho

libtracker-miner: Early out on unchanged files

Instead of accumulating these files. Remove them from the TrackerFileNotifier
queues as soon as we know the file is unchanged, and at a time we have the
data/node handy.
parent c692dd05
......@@ -413,6 +413,7 @@ file_notifier_add_node_foreach (GNode *node,
file_info = tracker_crawler_get_file_info (priv->crawler, file);
if (file_info) {
TrackerFileData *file_data;
GFileType file_type;
guint64 _time;
......@@ -420,10 +421,18 @@ file_notifier_add_node_foreach (GNode *node,
_time = g_file_info_get_attribute_uint64 (file_info,
_insert_disk_info (notifier,
file_data = _insert_disk_info (notifier,
if (file_data->state == FILE_STATE_NONE) {
/* If at this point the file has no assigned event,
* it didn't get changed, and can be ignored.
g_queue_delete_link (&priv->queue, file_data->node);
g_hash_table_remove (priv->cache, file);
if (file_type == G_FILE_TYPE_DIRECTORY &&
(priv->current_index_root->flags & TRACKER_DIRECTORY_FLAG_RECURSE) != 0 &&
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