Commit 747f0acc authored by Sam Thursfield's avatar Sam Thursfield

Merge branch 'wip/carlosg/acoustid-writeback' into 'master'

tracker-writeback: Support acoustid tag writeback in gstreamer

See merge request !231
parents 527f5f04 b6276800
Pipeline #193388 passed with stages
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......@@ -948,6 +948,29 @@ writeback_gstreamer_write_file_metadata (TrackerWritebackFile *writeback,
handle_musicbrainz_tags (resource, prop, element, mb_tags);
if (g_strcmp0 (prop, "nfo:hasHash") == 0) {
TrackerResource *hash;
const gchar *value = NULL, *algorithm;
hash = tracker_resource_get_first_relation (resource, prop);
if (hash) {
algorithm = tracker_resource_get_first_string (hash,
value = tracker_resource_get_first_string (hash,
if (value && algorithm && g_strcmp0 (algorithm, "chromaprint") == 0) {
g_value_init (&val, G_TYPE_STRING);
g_value_set_string (&val, value);
writeback_gstreamer_set (element, GST_TAG_ACOUSTID_FINGERPRINT, &val);
g_value_unset (&val);
writeback_gstreamer_save (element, file, error);
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