Commit 053b1213 authored by Bastien Nocera's avatar Bastien Nocera

main: Hidden config to add filesystem paths to channels

This will allow people that don't want to use Tracker, to still
have some videos to use totem with.
parent 9d3df484
......@@ -98,5 +98,10 @@
<_summary>Active plugins list</_summary>
<_description>A list of the names of the plugins which are currently active (loaded and running).</_description>
<key name="filesystem-paths" type="as">
<_summary>Directories to show</_summary>
<_description>Directories to show in the browse interface, none by default</_description>
......@@ -60,6 +60,7 @@ struct _TotemGriloPrivate {
GrlSource *local_metadata_src;
GrlSource *metadata_store_src;
gboolean fs_plugin_configured;
/* Current media selected in results*/
GrlMedia *selected_media;
......@@ -966,7 +967,6 @@ source_is_blacklisted (GrlSource *source)
const char *id;
const char const *sources[] = {
......@@ -1168,16 +1168,26 @@ source_added_cb (GrlRegistry *registry,
self = TOTEM_GRILO (user_data);
id = grl_source_get_id (source);
/* The filesystem plugin */
if (g_str_equal (id, "grl-filesystem") &&
self->priv->fs_plugin_configured == FALSE) {
/* The local search source */
if (g_str_equal (id, "grl-tracker-source"))
name = _("Local");
name = grl_source_get_name (source);
/* Metadata */
if (g_str_equal (id, "grl-local-metadata"))
self->priv->local_metadata_src = source;
else if (g_str_equal (id, "grl-metadata-store"))
self->priv->metadata_store_src = source;
ops = grl_source_supported_operations (source);
ops = grl_source_supported_operations (source);
if (ops & GRL_OP_BROWSE) {
gboolean monitor = FALSE;
......@@ -1277,9 +1287,27 @@ load_grilo_plugins (TotemGrilo *self)
GrlRegistry *registry;
GError *error = NULL;
GSettings *settings;
char **configs;
guint i;
registry = grl_registry_get_default ();
/* Check if there's filesystems to show */
settings = g_settings_new ("org.gnome.totem");
configs = g_settings_get_strv (settings, "filesystem-paths");
g_object_unref (settings);
for (i = 0; configs[i] != NULL; i++) {
GrlConfig *config;
config = grl_config_new ("grl-filesystem", NULL);
grl_config_set_string (config, "base-uri", configs[i]);
grl_registry_add_config (registry, config, NULL);
self->priv->fs_plugin_configured = TRUE;
g_strfreev (configs);
g_signal_connect (registry, "source-added",
G_CALLBACK (source_added_cb), self);
g_signal_connect (registry, "source-removed",
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