Commit cd8b9b03 authored by Andre Klapper's avatar Andre Klapper 💬

Fix broken markup in Asturian UI translation

parent bfef8b67
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......@@ -2420,7 +2420,7 @@ msgstr ""
"El nome qu'usar p'anunciar el serviciu de les llistes de reproducción na "
"Toles apaiciones de la cadena <b>%u</b> trocaránse col to nome,\n"
"y <b>%h</b> trocaráse col nome del to equipu.</small>"
"y <b>%h</b> trocaráse col nome del to equipu."
#: ../src/plugins/publish/publish-plugin.ui.h:6
msgid "Use _encrypted transport protocol (HTTPS)"
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