Commit 19d88590 authored by Bastien Nocera's avatar Bastien Nocera

ci: Remove temporary manual RPM installs

parent 45176587
Pipeline #200529 passed with stages
in 14 minutes and 41 seconds
...@@ -33,14 +33,12 @@ variables: ...@@ -33,14 +33,12 @@ variables:
libpeas-devel libpeas-devel
pygobject3-devel pygobject3-devel
python3-typed_ast python3-typed_ast
pylint pylint
python3-devel python3-devel
totem-pl-parser-devel totem-pl-parser-devel
flatpak-builder flatpak-builder
xorg-x11-server-Xvfb xorg-x11-server-Xvfb totem-pl-parser-devel
build-fedora: build-fedora:
image: fedora:latest image: fedora:latest
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