Commit 29cbef5d authored by Bastien Nocera's avatar Bastien Nocera

plparser: Also try to parse with quvi if the scheme is https

And not just http!
parent a01615f6
......@@ -1813,7 +1813,8 @@ totem_pl_parser_parse_internal (TotemPlParser *parser,
uri = g_file_get_uri (file);
/* Should we try to parse it with quvi? */
if (g_file_has_uri_scheme (file, "http")) {
if (g_file_has_uri_scheme (file, "http") ||
g_file_has_uri_scheme (file, "https")) {
if (uri != NULL && totem_pl_parser_is_videosite (uri, parser->priv->debug) != FALSE) {
ret = totem_pl_parser_add_videosite (parser, file, base_file, parse_data, NULL);
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