Commit 4e632a11 authored by Christian Hergert's avatar Christian Hergert

release 3.27.2

parent c0675181
Version 3.27.2
Changes in this release:
• A number of imporovements to the template locator.
• Support for more gobject introspection API calls.
• You can know use typeof(expr) to get the GType of the result
of the expression.
• The token stream tries harder to supress newlines.
• require/version expression priority is now lower
• Some memory leaks were plugged
• Versioning of symbols is now down with export macros to be
more portable for alternative platforms.
• We now explicity require a modern C standard.
Updated Translations:
German, Slovenian
Version 3.26.0
project('template-glib', 'c',
version: '3.27.0',
version: '3.27.2',
license: 'LGPLv2.1+',
meson_version: '>= 0.40.1',
default_options: [ 'warning_level=1', 'buildtype=debugoptimized', 'c_std=gnu11' ],
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