Commit 4682c05c authored by Andreas Henriksson's avatar Andreas Henriksson

Use new api-versioned name for geocode-glib

geocode-glib has changed the name of the pkg-config file
to include the api version. Update configure script accordingly.

"pkg-config: Version the pkg-config file"
parent b7bfb4d8
......@@ -441,7 +441,7 @@ AC_ARG_ENABLE(geocode,
if test "x$enable_geocode" != "xno"; then
geocode-glib >= $GEOCODE_GLIB_REQUIRED
geocode-glib-1.0 >= $GEOCODE_GLIB_REQUIRED
], have_geocode="yes", have_geocode="no")
if test "x$have_geocode" = "xyes"; then
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