Commit e0defe4e authored by Christian Hergert's avatar Christian Hergert

libsysprof-capture: discover the end time if necessary

If we get a capture file without a valid end-time, we should just go
discover that up-front instead of dealing with it all over the place.
parent 52e77cf6
......@@ -109,6 +109,35 @@ sysprof_capture_reader_get_filename (SysprofCaptureReader *self)
return self->filename;
static void
sysprof_capture_reader_discover_end_time (SysprofCaptureReader *self)
SysprofCaptureFrame frame;
g_assert (self != NULL);
while (sysprof_capture_reader_peek_frame (self, &frame))
gint64 end_time = frame.time;
const SysprofCaptureMark *mark = NULL;
if ((mark = sysprof_capture_reader_read_mark (self)))
end_time = frame.time + MAX (0, mark->duration);
if (end_time > self->end_time)
self->end_time = end_time;
if (!sysprof_capture_reader_skip (self))
sysprof_capture_reader_reset (self);
* sysprof_capture_reader_new_from_fd:
* @fd: an fd to take ownership from
......@@ -148,6 +177,13 @@ sysprof_capture_reader_new_from_fd (int fd,
self->endian = G_BIG_ENDIAN;
/* If we detect a capture file that did not get an end time, or an erroneous
* end time, then we need to take a performance hit here and scan the file
* and discover the end time with frame timings.
if (self->header.end_time < self->header.time)
sysprof_capture_reader_discover_end_time (self);
return self;
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