Commit a48887a2 authored by Christian Hergert's avatar Christian Hergert

build: document more of meson_options.txt

parent 2718218a
# Optionally disable the GTK application in case you're building the
# sysprof-cli only for your platform. Might be useful in IoT or various
# server scenarios.
option('enable_gtk', type: 'boolean')
# Optionally compile sysprofd, which is needed to get elevated privileges.
# You only really want to ignore this if you are running from a container
# and are talking to a host daemon. Also, if you're compiling for something
# other than Linux to allow viewing syscap files.
option('with_sysprofd', type: 'combo',
choices: ['host', 'bundled', 'none'],
value: 'bundled',
# The directory to place systemd service files, so that we can auto-launch
# sysprofd as necessary (for the daemon privilege helper).
option('systemdunitdir', type: 'string',
description: 'Directory for systemd service files'
# An optional location to specify where to locate debug information. This
# is useful for distributions to set based on their debuginfo setup.
option('debugdir', type: 'string',
description: 'Look for global separate debug info in this path'
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