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Release 3.40.1

This release fixes an issue created during GNOME 40 development where the
libsysprof-capture-4.a library could leak symbols into a shared library
that consumed it (such as Pango, GTK 4, and GLib).

This fixes that by removing symbol visibility from libsysprof-capture.a.
Distributions are encouraged to rebuild their libraries that consume
Sysprof's libsysprof-capture-4.a.
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Overview of changes in Sysprof 3.40.1
* Fix build system issue which caused symbols from libsysprof-capture.a to leak
into the ABI of libraries consuming it. This was due to inheritance of GNU
default symbol visibility. A recompilation of those libraries is necessary.
Overview of changes in Sysprof 3.40.0
project('sysprof', 'c',
license: ['GPL3+', 'GPL2+'],
version: '3.40.0',
version: '3.40.1',
meson_version: '>=0.51.0',
default_options: [ 'c_std=gnu11',
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