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Release 3.38.1

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Overview of changes in Sysprof 3.38.1
* Support for translating paths to binary symbols has been improved when using
Btrfs subvolumes.
* Build system fixes
* Fixes for sysprof_capture_reader_list_files() to match expectations
* Load proper speedtrack library in LD_PRELOAD
* Fixes when generating pkg-config files
* Fixes when using musl libc
* Translation updates
Overview of changes in Sysprof 3.38.0
......@@ -37,6 +37,7 @@
<release version="3.38.1" date="2020-10-15"/>
<release version="3.38.0" date="2020-09-12"/>
<release version="3.37.92" date="2020-09-06"/>
<release version="3.34.0" date="2019-09-09"/>
project('sysprof', 'c',
license: ['GPL3+', 'GPL2+'],
version: '3.38.0',
version: '3.38.1',
meson_version: '>=0.51.0',
default_options: [ 'c_std=gnu11',
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