Commit 4eda15e8 authored by Robert Roth's avatar Robert Roth

meson: removed exclude_files for Makefiles (#9)

Makefiles and autotools files have been deleted, so they don't have to be excluded anymore.
parent 8b5d2cd2
# Icons
install_dir: datadir,
exclude_files: [ 'Makefile', '', '', 'icon-source.svg','.gitignore' ],
exclude_files: [ 'icon-source.svg' ],
# Themes
install_dir: pkgdatadir,
exclude_files: [ 'Makefile', '', '', '.gitignore',
'colors/Makefile', 'colors/', 'colors/', 'colors/.gitignore',
'shapesandcolors/Makefile', 'shapesandcolors/',
'shapesandcolors/', 'shapesandcolors/.gitignore', ],
# UI files
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