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release: prepare for 0.5.1

parent d7cb04a4
0.5.1 - "Let It Go"
- Use libmusicbrainz v4 API
- Add a preference to turn off client window decorations
- Fix vertical interline spacing in the font viewer
- Enable fullscreen for the font viewer
- Use OSD style class for toolbars
- Use GEdit GtkSourceView color scheme if available (Vadim Rutkovsky)
- Don't install the private library in the system libdir (Michael Biebl)
- Use mime type list provided by Totem for gst and audio viewers
(Bastien Nocera)
0.4.1 - "Marmot"
- Fix a crash when fetching album cover art
- Move the window to the current desktop workspace when shown
- Avoid maximization and window snapping
- Plug some memory leaks
0.4.0 - "Walking Donut"
dnl -*- mode: m4 -*-
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