Commit d4dac373 authored by Luis de Bethencourt's avatar Luis de Bethencourt

migrating ToDo to bugzilla

parent e983946e
- Key controls configurable through a ~/.config/ file
- Display playback date of history files.
- ncurses based interface, for entirely command line base control.
- example use case: controlled through ssh or in blind mode
- Single playback or loop mode button
- Playback In/Out points
- Working rotated video aspect ratio for the all positions
- Zoom in/out video
- Don't load controls in memory in blind or hidden mode
- DVD playback
- Handle playlists
- Change speed of playback
- Single playback or loop mode
- Export video block inside in/out points
- gst-launch-esque pipeline handling
- Support for picture files
- buffering modes
- Reverse playback direction
- Less verbose print tags
- Add videobalance (hue/saturation/contrast/brightness)
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