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      Don't crash on imported photo: Bug #734986 · 1491418f
      Jim Nelson authored
      The user's photo was identified as JFIF but is an incomplete file.
      The JFIF sniffer reported it could not identify the file, which is
      somewhat incorrect.  The RAW sniffer then tried to identify the file
      and crashed inside of libraw.
      Now when a sniffer can appropriately detect the file is corrupt it
      will be reported as such.  All GdkSniffers will do this if they (a)
      read the entire file and (b) no image was prepared.  Because they all
      use pre-condition checking to sanity check that the file is their
      format (via magic header bytes), this works.
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      #522: Initial commit for 8-bit RAW support. This commit provides support for... · 4a65fdf4
      Jim Nelson authored
      #522: Initial commit for 8-bit RAW support.  This commit provides support for file import (but not from camera), 
      JPEG mimicking (to prevent full-sized RAW decodes and processing whenever possible), and a file format 
      abstraction layer in anticipation of PNG and TIFF support.
      Some RAW files do not display correctly; some have odd dimensions, other have color problems.  I'm investigating 
      these currently.  Also, to improve import time, instead of displaying a full-window pixbuf of each photo as it's 
      loaded, the largest thumbnail is displayed instead.  This behavior can be reinstated, if deemed important.