Commit dec6659f authored by Rico Tzschichholz's avatar Rico Tzschichholz

Fix non-matching generic type ownership

parent eac4e5ac
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......@@ -107,8 +107,8 @@ private class DataViewPositionMarker : PositionMarker {
private class MarkerGroup : PositionMarker {
private Gee.Collection<DataViewPositionMarker> _data_view_position_markers =
new Gee.LinkedList<DataViewPositionMarker>();
private Gee.Collection<weak DataViewPositionMarker> _data_view_position_markers =
new Gee.LinkedList<weak DataViewPositionMarker>();
private Gee.Collection<PositionMarker> _position_markers = new Gee.LinkedList<PositionMarker>();
private Champlain.BoundingBox bbox = new Champlain.BoundingBox();
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