Commit d3d74334 authored by Clint Rogers's avatar Clint Rogers

Closes #4030 by removing some checks whether we needed to re-sort or not that...

Closes #4030 by removing some checks whether we needed to re-sort or not that could break in unexpected ways.
parent b180588f
......@@ -1165,31 +1165,20 @@ public abstract class MediaPage : CheckerboardPage {
protected void sync_sort() {
bool sort_order;
int sort_by;
get_config_photos_sort(out sort_order, out sort_by);
string path = get_sortby_path(sort_by);
bool resort_needed = false;
Gtk.RadioAction sort_by_action = (Gtk.RadioAction) ui.get_action(path);
if (sort_by_action != null && sort_by_action.get_current_value() != sort_by) {
resort_needed = true;
Gtk.RadioAction ascending_action =
(Gtk.RadioAction) ui.get_action("/MenuBar/ViewMenu/SortPhotos/SortAscending");
int sort_order_int = sort_order ? SORT_ORDER_ASCENDING : SORT_ORDER_DESCENDING;
if (ascending_action != null && ascending_action.get_current_value() != sort_order_int) {
resort_needed = true;
if (resort_needed)
get_view().set_comparator(get_sort_comparator(), get_sort_comparator_predicate());
// It used to be that the config and UI could both agree on what
// sort order and criteria were selected, but the sorting wouldn't
// match them, due to the current view's comparator not actually
// being set to match, and since there was a check to see if the
// config and UI matched that would frequently succeed in this case,
// the sorting was often wrong until the user went in and changed
// it. Because there is no tidy way to query the current view's
// comparator, we now set it any time we even think the sorting
// might have changed to force them to always stay in sync.
// Although this means we pay for a re-sort every time, in practice,
// this isn't terribly expensive - it _might_ take as long as .5 sec.
// with a media page containing over 15000 items on a modern CPU.
get_view().set_comparator(get_sort_comparator(), get_sort_comparator_predicate());
public override void destroy() {
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