Commit 6a6360de authored by Clint Rogers's avatar Clint Rogers

Closes #3155 by preventing the external editor and external raw editor menu...

Closes #3155 by preventing the external editor and external raw editor menu choices from being out of range.
parent bbb90a1a
......@@ -2150,16 +2150,21 @@ public class PreferencesDialog {
private void on_photo_editor_changed() {
AppInfo app = external_photo_apps.get_at(photo_editor_combo.get_active());
int photo_app_choice_index = (photo_editor_combo.get_active() < external_photo_apps.size) ?
photo_editor_combo.get_active() : external_photo_apps.size;
AppInfo app = external_photo_apps.get_at(photo_app_choice_index);
debug("setting external photo editor to: %s", DesktopIntegration.get_app_open_command(app));
private void on_raw_editor_changed() {
AppInfo app = external_raw_apps.get_at(raw_editor_combo.get_active());
int raw_app_choice_index = (raw_editor_combo.get_active() < external_raw_apps.size) ?
raw_editor_combo.get_active() : external_raw_apps.size;
AppInfo app = external_raw_apps.get_at(raw_app_choice_index);
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