Commit 65239afd authored by Jens Georg's avatar Jens Georg

build: Expose varios code options through meson config

parent 5347425b
......@@ -65,6 +65,20 @@ foreach publisher : get_option('publishers').split(',')
language : 'vala')
foreach trace : get_option('trace').split(',')
language : 'vala')
foreach measure : get_option('measure').split(',')
language : 'vala')
if get_option('disable-dupe-detection')
add_global_arguments(['--define=NO_DUPE_DETECTION'], language : vala)
json_glib = dependency('json-glib-1.0')
gdata = dependency('libgdata')
gcr = dependency('gcr-3')
option('enable-unity-support', type: 'boolean', value : 'false', description: 'Enable Ubuntu Unity support')
option('publishers', type: 'string', value : 'facebook,flickr,picasa,piwigo,youtube,gallery3,rajce,tumblr,yandex', description: 'The list of publishing plugins to build')
option('enable-extra-plugins', type : 'boolean', value : 'true', description: 'Enable building and installation of extra publishing plugins')
option('trace', type: 'string', value : '', description: 'Enable various trace options (available: dtors, import, md5, metadata-writer, monitoring, pixbuf-cache, reflow, reflow-items)')
option('measure', type: 'string', value : '', description : 'Enable various timing measurements(available : enhance, import, pipeline, view-filtering, thumbnail-cache)')
option('disable-dupe-detection', type: 'boolean', value : 'false', description: 'Disable duplicate checks')
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