Commit 3b42439e authored by Jens Georg's avatar Jens Georg

Do not filter out application/x-extension-mp4 from VideoSupport
parent 7ac90f5f
......@@ -74,7 +74,8 @@ public class VideoReader {
public static bool is_supported_video_filename(string filename) {
string mime_type;
mime_type = ContentType.guess(filename, new uchar[0], null);
if (mime_type.length >= 6 && mime_type[0:6] == "video/") {
// Guessed mp4 from filename has application/ as prefix, so check for mp4 in the end
if (mime_type.has_prefix ("video/") || mime_type.has_suffix("mp4")) {
string? extension = null;
string? name = null;
disassemble_filename(filename, out name, out extension);
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