Commit 0046657c authored by Jens Georg's avatar Jens Georg

Add debug log when shifting events

This is to better be able to determine whether the event duplication reported
in several bugs is happening due to event shifting
Signed-off-by: Jens Georg's avatarJens Georg <>
parent 36d02656
......@@ -617,8 +617,10 @@ public class Event : EventSource, ContainerSource, Proxyable, Indexable {
// if the earliest's exposure time was on the day but *before* the boundary hour,
// step it back a day to the prior day's boundary
if (earliest_tm.hour < EVENT_BOUNDARY_HOUR)
if (earliest_tm.hour < EVENT_BOUNDARY_HOUR) {
debug("Hour before boundary, shifting back one day");
start_boundary -= TIME_T_DAY;
time_t end_boundary = (start_boundary + TIME_T_DAY - 1);
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