Commit b6bb10e6 authored by Eric Gregory's avatar Eric Gregory

#2606 fullscreen toolbar fix

parent a6273c7b
......@@ -195,16 +195,10 @@ public class FullscreenWindow : PageWindow {
private bool is_pointer_in_toolbar() {
int y, height;
window.get_geometry(null, out y, null, out height, null);
int py;
int py, wy;
get_display().get_pointer(null, null, out py, null);
Gtk.Requisition req;
toolbar_window.size_request(out req);
return (py >= (y + height - req.height));
toolbar_window.window.get_geometry(null, out wy, null, null, null);
return (py >= wy);
private bool on_check_toolbar_invocation() {
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