Commit 8ba6f59f authored by Jim Nelson's avatar Jim Nelson

Removed spitter plugin, as it was only intended to test out early...

Removed spitter plugin, as it was only intended to test out early implementations of the plugin loader.  samples/simple-plugin is a better place for what spitter set out to achieve.
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spitter \
shotwell-transitions \
PLUGIN := spitter
SRC_FILES := spitter.vala
include ../
/* Copyright 2011 Yorba Foundation
* This software is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License
* (version 2.1 or later). See the COPYING file in this distribution.
// Spitter is a reference Vala implementation of SPIT (Shotwell Pluggable Interfaces Technology).
// Spitter shows off all the power, versatility, and dynamicism of SPIT.
// This module does essentially nothing. It is not installed alongside the other Shotwell
// deliverables. It mainly exists to test SPIT in the compilation and initialization steps.
extern const string _VERSION;
private class Spitter : Object, Spit.Module {
~Spitter() {
debug("DTOR: Spitter");
public string get_name() {
return "SPIT Reference Module";
public string get_version() {
return _VERSION;
public string get_id() {
return "org.yorba.shotwell.spitter";
public Spit.Pluggable[]? get_pluggables() {
return null;
private Spitter? spitter = null;
private Spit.EntryPoint? compiler_entry_point = null;
// This entry point is required for all SPIT modules.
public unowned Spit.Module? spit_entry_point(int host_min_spit_interface, int host_max_spit_interface,
out int module_spit_interface) {
// this is purely for compilation, to verify that the entry point matches SpitEntryPoint's sig;
// it does nothing functionally
compiler_entry_point = spit_entry_point;
module_spit_interface = Spit.negotiate_interfaces(host_min_spit_interface, host_max_spit_interface,
if (module_spit_interface == Spit.UNSUPPORTED_INTERFACE)
return null;
if (spitter == null)
spitter = new Spitter();
return spitter;
public void g_module_unload() {
if (spitter != null)
debug("%s %s unloaded", spitter.get_name(), spitter.get_version());
debug("spitter unloaded prior to spit_entry_point being called");
spitter = null;
// This is here to keep valac happy.
private void dummy_main() {
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