FEATURE: HKPS and Machine readable format

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Hi- this is my first contribution to a gnome project. I wanted to search some keys from hkp key-servers and I was surprised that no TLS is supported. I found some 10 year old tickets and decided to implement it. On the way I also discovered that seahorse does html parsing, which was partially broken for me. Also replaced it with the machine readable format.


  • Adding of HKP/HKPS Servers is broken due #262 (closed) - workaround, add hkps server manually via dconf
  • Some Keyservers deliver Keys without an User Identity (privacy reasons, ex. keys.openpgp.org).
    • Key is only displayed in Seahorse when also a uid is available due seahorse wants user information.
  • HKP Keyserver do not deliver Subkey Information via Machine Readable Format.
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