Commit c4931555 authored by Jonathan Matthew's avatar Jonathan Matthew

audiocd: set the track number as well as the device

This is a temporary workaround for problems caused by changes to the
cdda:// URI format in gst-plugins-base 0.10.25.  We'll switch to the new
cdda://device#track format soon.
parent 703e8025
......@@ -135,8 +135,11 @@ set_source_properties (GstElement *source, const char *uri, gboolean playback_mo
device = g_utf8_strrchr (uri, -1, '#');
if (device != NULL) {
int track;
device++; /* skip the # */
g_object_set (source, "device", device, NULL);
track = strtoul (uri + 7, NULL, 0);
g_object_set (source, "device", device, "track", track, NULL);
if (playback_mode) {
/* disable paranoia (if using cdparanoiasrc) and set read speed to 1 */
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