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*** empty log message ***

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......@@ -2,18 +2,18 @@ In order to keep the code nice and clean we have a few requirements you'll
need to stick to in order to get your patch accepted:
- use 8-space tabs for indentation
- curly brackets are on a new line
- please compare with NULL or FALSE isntead of using "!"
- curly brackets are NOT on a new line (we are slowly converting the code)
- if statements are written like this: "if (this != that)"
- g_list_next/previous is preferred to list->next or list->previous
- every function should have a prototype
- callback functions have a suffix _cb
Comment blocks are written like this:
Important comment blocks are written like this:
* bla_bla_cb: This is an example comment block
Do NOT commit to this module without permission from me (jorn on IRC, email addy)
You may commit small, obvious fixes to this module. Anything larger
should be run by Colin Walters <>, unless you
know I've given you blanket commit permission.
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